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carter reese is one!

oh Carter Reese, I cannot believe you are one, sweet girl. Crazy to think that a little over a year ago we didn’t even know what you looked like and now my heart can’t even handle the love I have for my precious baby niece.

I know everyone is a little partial to their own family, but guys come on. Look how cute she is.

This little angel brightens my day every time I see her and I love watching more and more of her personality come out each day. She is beautiful, sweet, spunky, curious, and just so stinkin’ funny. This is a girl after my own heart – if there’s food around, she wants it. I’ve never seen such a tiny person put away so much food. It makes me so proud.

I could go on and on, but for now I’ll just leave it to the pictures. I can’t wait for many, many more of these little sessions in the future. And I bet her daddy can’t either ;)


Carter_1YR-0001 Carter_1YR-0002 Carter_1YR-0003 Carter_1YR-0004 Carter_1YR-0005 Carter_1YR-0006 Carter_1YR-0008 Carter_1YR-0009 Carter_1YR-0010 Carter_1YR-0011 Carter_1YR-0012 Carter_1YR-0013 Carter_1YR-0014 Carter_1YR-0015 Carter_1YR-0016 Carter_1YR-0017 Carter_1YR-0019 Carter_1YR-0018 Carter_1YR-0020 Carter_1YR-0021 Carter_1YR-0022 Carter_1YR-0023 Carter_1YR-0024 Carter_1YR-0025 Carter_1YR-0026 Carter_1YR-0027 Carter_1YR-0028

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