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brittany & steffen – engagements

Oh man, these two were a LOT of fun to take pictures of! I have known Steffen since early in college and I was so happy to find out that he had found the girl of his dreams. I feel like every once in a while, you meet someone that you instantly hit it off with and think “I met you 5 minutes ago but I can already tell we get each other”. I’m not sure if that was the case for these two when they first met. I’m sure that it was. But I do know that was the case when I met Brittany for the first time! Really and truly, Brittany and Steffen are two of the most fun and hilarious people to be around and they are absolutely prefect for each other. I am so excited for them to start this journey as husband and wife in July. I can’t wait for many more fun times ahead with you guys. I promise not to make you put your foreheads together next time we hang out! :)

Also, I wish I had a recording of the commentary from this engagement session… it would be pure gold. Next time.

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