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stephanie & andy – wimberley engagement session

Stephanie and Andy will be getting married in the Texas hill country this fall and I couldn’t be more excited for their big day to get here. This was such a fun session for me because I have been wanting to shoot in Wimberley for some time now. With Stephanie currently in Houston, Andy in San Antonio, and myself in Midland, it was the perfect meeting spot for some engagement pictures! We walked along the river and found all sorts of fun nooks and crannies. The beautiful scenery and beautiful couple made for one awesome afternoon. And I must add, little Louie is quite the dapper dog in his tiny bow tie! Thanks for a great day in the hill country you guys! Can’t wait to see you back there in October!


Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_001 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_002 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_003 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_004 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_005 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_006 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_007 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_008 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_009 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_010 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_011 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_012 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_013 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_014 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_015 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_016 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_017 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_018 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_019 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_020 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_021 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_022 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_023 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_024 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_025 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_026 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_027 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_028 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_029 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_030 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_031 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_032 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_033 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_034 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_035 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_036 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_037 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_038 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_039 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_040 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_041 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_042 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_043 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_044 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_045 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_046 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_047 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_048 Steph&Andy_Eng_Blg_049

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