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Allie & Andrew

Meet my lovely sister and brother in law :)

As you may remember from my last post, we were in Puerto Vallarta last week. Thankfully, we survived the hurricane (if you can call it that). After it passed through we finally had a day of sunshine on Thursday, which meant we got to enjoy the beautiful beach at its finest.

We couldn’t pass up an opportunity for a photo shoot with surroundings like this. Everyone needs some ‘just because’ photos every now and then, especially when you are on the beach.

I couldn’t say enough wonderful things about Allie and Andrew. They are such a great example to me in general but especially on how to pursue a Godly marriage. And as my family has always said, we couldn’t have hand chosen a better husband for Allie than Mr. Strand.

It was fun witnessing both the crazy/goofy sides and the sweet/tender sides of Allie and Andrew displayed through their photographs. One thing is definitely for sure, there is never a dull moment when we are all together!

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