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Puerto Vallarta

I have had the chance to spend a few wonderful days in Puerto Vallarta this week. We began our trip on Sunday and as we were checking our bags at the airport, the man behind the counter said, “Looks y’all will be getting there right in time for the hurricane!”

Hurricane?? We didn’t sign up for that. Or so I thought…

It might be the slowest moving storm I’ve ever heard of because for the last 2 and a half days we have been hearing that it will be hitting “within the next few hours.” But so far, the beach has been beautiful, the wind has been calm, the water has been smooth and our surroundings have been everything but what we would expect from a pre-hurricane weather pattern. We have been carrying on as usual and tonight as we finished up dinner on our patio by the beach we looked out and saw the sun start poking out for the first time since Sunday evening.

We walked down to check it out and 5 minutes later I was witnessing the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen accompanied by a gorgeous rainbow. We were most definitely not expecting to see the sun in the next couple of days, not to mention something so spectacular that was also nearing the “big storm”.

We are still awaiting Hurricane Jova that should hit “in the next few hours” but until then we are taking precautions and enjoying ourselves in the meantime.

Here are a few photos. And let me tell you, pictures can hardly do this justice…

More to come later from Puerto Vallarta!

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